Through our Saas management platform, track your assets on a map or choose to create a geofencing zone to trigger alerts when the equipment is out of your defined perimeter. The data collected via the sensors are restituted via an operated network or a private one. The data are delivered to a supervision console, an IoT plateform on internet or on the smartphone. A cloud platform gathers all the data in a unique place for a better visualization with the help of graphics, maps and lists of events. Take your pick!

movee track
Geolocation of
goods and equipment

movee event

movee prevent
Preventive and
predictive maintenance

movee® track

of goods and

Movee Track is a low power asset tracking solution. You can follow your properties for more than 6 years with a precision of less than 20 meters.

movee® event


Movee Event monitors your industrial park and notifies in real time the programmed alerts (on/off, shock, tilt, opening/closing …). As soon as the sensor detects a change of state, it sends out an alert and publishes a notification.

movee® prevent

Preventive and

Movee Prevent measures the rate of wear of your machines such as the activity duration, the number of detected events. Combined with artificial intelligence, Movee Prevent is tranformed into Bob. Developped with our partner Cartesiam, Bob analyzes production equipments’ functioning and predicts anomalies before any malfunctions.From now on, you can intervene in your maintenance operations at the right time!